Wild Rose


Fresh, soft, luxurious and long-lasting...

The rose is the symbol of love, passing beauty and fragility of life. If you never smelled a rose after a summer rain, this soap will take you right there! A non-traditional take on the rose scent. You will fall in love with the notes of Orange Peel, Pink Rose, Geranium, Lily of the Valley, Guaiac Wood, Vanilla and Musk.

The gentle, delicate ladder cleanses and nourishes even the most sensitive skin. 

Custom orders (scent, color) take 4-6 weeks (curing time).  When ordering custom, minimum order is 12 bar soaps/order. 



  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Organic Canola Oil
  • Organic Sweet Almond Oil
  • Organic Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO)
  • Organic Shea Butter (unrefined, Fare Trade).
  • Almond Milk
  • Micas (for color)
  • FO (for scent)
  • Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)
  • Vegan, Non GMO, Phthalates Free, Soy Free

We use ingredients sourced from our Fair Trade global partners.

Note: Due to the handcrafted nature of our products, soaps may vary in appearance.

Do not use it if you are allergic or sensitive to any ingredient in this product.



Weight 3.50 Ounces
Height 1.00
Width 3.00
Depth 2.00
Wild Rose