bea-kids-bucharest-smallest.jpeg I started making soap in 2016.  Yes, stirring and mixing all of the ingredients in my kitchen.  It was due to the fact that my hands would crack from the chemical make up of most "store bought" soaps.  I thought the best way to eradicate the issue, would be to go back to the basics, strip out the chemicals and make my own. 

Today, after 3 years of making soap, it has become a passion and a full time job.

The soap is handcrafted in small batches.  All of the ingredients we use are organic including the essential oils.

Today, our clients include hotels, gift shops, florists, event planners, as well as individuals.

Should you want to share your thoughts, please write to us.  Send us an email. We would love to hear from you.   Also if you are in need of a unique gift for a special occasion, we do custom orders for events, corporate gifts, bridals, birthday parties, baby showers.

Till then, thank you for stopping by and make sure to try one of our products. 

To your health and well being...