"I recently ordered the baby (girl) soaps for a baby shower and they were the hit of the party!  The attention to detail was amazing and each little baby came wrapped in a bundle of chiffon / tied with a ribbon / and placed in a little wooden box.  A huge success!"

                                                                                              Jan Landstrom, Corona Del Mar, CA                                                                   


"I do not get to say the following sentence too often: this soap is fantastic!"

                                                                                                Benjamin Epstein, Orange County, CA                                       

" I'm use to using normal soaps, like the ones you buy at Ralphs or grocery stores when you get your food. It's what me and my family have been doing since I was a kid. Beatrice has enlightened me on the possibilities of what soap can be. My skin feels so smooth and healthy and it has everything to do with the Bay Rum Rum pucks. It may be pricey but its worth the health of my skin. I am very pleased to have met Beatrice and Aida, and I look forward to their new inventions."

                                                                                                 Corey Burns, Los Angeles , CA