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Today everybody is looking for safer products with safer ingredients. If you landed on our page it was not by accident: it was meant to be. It is all about organic ingredients! Nothing artificial or synthetic. From the Ivory Coast to the Siberian forest, we search the globe to obtain the purest organic ingredients in their most natural states. We chose local high quality organic ingredients or from self sustainable sources, Fair Trade. The Shea Butter we use comes Fair Trade from Women Cooperation from Ghana and Ivory coast, so this way we can help the community.



Clays, called Ee-Wah-Kee, which means "mud-that-heals," were used by Native Americans as a natural way to purify, sooth, and heal wounds. Clay masks are used today by many cultures as a natural way to remove toxins and tone facial skin. Clays also have many industrial uses. Cheaper industrial grade clays are not necessarily pure. The clays we use are all food grade. All of the bellow clays we use them for color, but they also contain minerals and have medicinal properties to detox the skin.

Rose French Clay – our source - France.

French Rose Clay is a mild Kaolin Clay, which simply means it’s a naturally occurring clay that has Kaolinite as its principle constituent. Kaolinite is a clay mineral, also called a Silicate mineral that inhabits certain rocks. A soft, earthy, white mineral, it’s produced when weather wears down Aluminum Silicate minerals like Feldspar. One of the most common minerals in the world, it’s mined in Brazil, Bulgaria, France, the United Kingdom, Iran, Germany, India, Australia, and other countries. The clay is particularly abundant in soils that exist in moist climates, such as those in tropical rainforest areas Depending on where the clay is from will determine its mineral content and physical structure, which in turn, affects the coloration.. For use in cosmetics, Kaolin is ground into a powder material. French Rose Clay is actually from France, and is a light, beautiful rose color. This particular clay has specific benefits to the skin, which is why we chose it over other types of clays, such as pink Kaolin, White Kaolin, Bentonite, or French Green Clay.

French Rose Clay benefits:

Most clays have the ability to absorb impurities from the skin, such as dirt, makeup and oil. Most also can exfoliate, to help your skin have a youthful look. Where clays differ is in how much they absorb from the skin. French Rose Clay is wonderful for most all skin types because it doesn’t overly zap the skin of its natural oils. Some clays can be so drying, for example, that unless you’re using a super-hydrating moisturizer afterwards, you can end up experiencing excessive dryness, flaking, and skin reactions like increased acne breakouts and redness. French Rose Clay is also perfect for sensitive skin, as it has a gentle cleansing action that isn’t too harsh.

French Green Clay – our source - France

French Green Clay or Illite is a very fine, light green powder that can be sourced from Montana, Wyoming and China in addition to Europe. Also known as sea clay, French Green Clay has long been known for its detoxifying skin care benefits that can be attributed to its unique mineral composition. Composition includes dolomite, manganese, silica, copper, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and calcium. Its green colors can be attributed to the clay's iron oxide and decomposed plant matter content.

French Green Clay benefits:


French Green Clay has been used for years as a detoxifying beauty treatment. When applied topically, it can aid the skin in healing and ridding itself of harmful toxins. French Green Clay has an ionic charge. Acting like a magnet, this type of clay attaches itself to the molecules of toxins so they can be rinsed away when the skin care treatment is done.


French Green Clay cleanses and gently exfoliates. Used on the skin, Green Clay can make it feel softer while tightening pores and aiding in the optimal function of oil glands. In addition, Green Clay has been known to boost blood circulation in the skin while removing dead skin cells.


French Green Clay is highly absorbent, likeAustralian washed Blue Bentonite, it’s one of the most absorbent cosmetic clays with the ability to hold close its weight in water. Because of this Green Clay is mostly recommended for oily skin as well as for normal skin (as an occasional clarifying treatment). Used as a facial mask, this Green Clay effectively removes excess oil and other impurities that cause clogged pores. French Green Clay is the main ingredient in our Chamomile and Willow Bark Clarify Face Mask Concentrate.


French Green Clay is also beneficial for treating skin allergies due to food, chemicals or pollens. Used as a paste, it should be applied to the affected area between two to four times – the clay aids in rapid healing by removing the toxin that causes the allergic reaction. By the same measure, French Green Clay can also be used to treat wounds, burns, sunburns, skin problems, ulcers, bacterial infections, bruises, mouth sores and even headaches and fevers.

Bentonite Clay – our source – India

Bentonite, also referred to as Montmorillonite, is one of the most effective and powerful healing clays. Bentonite Clay can be used externally as a clay poultice, mud pack or in the bath and, in skin care recipes. A good quality Bentonite should be a grey/cream color and anything bordering “pure white” is suspect. It has a very fine, velveteen feel and is odorless and non-staining. The type of Bentonite offered by Mountain Rose herbs is a Sodium Bentonite. Bentonite Clay is composed of aged volcanic ash. The name comes from the largest known deposit of Bentonite Clay located in Fort Benton, Wyoming.

What Does it Do?

Bentonite Clay is a unique clay due to its ability to produce an “electrical charge” when hydrated. Upon contact with fluid, its electrical components change, giving it the ability to absorb toxins. Bentonite is known for its ability to absorb and remove toxins, heavy metals, impurities, and chemicals.

Rhassoul Clay -  our source -  Morocco


The Rhassoul or Ghassoul is a natural mineral clay mined in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco since the eighth century. It is combined with water to clean the body and has been used by Moroccan women for centuries to care for their skin and hair. Rhassoul Clay benefits and uses are numerous. Infused in soap, it is versatile and multifunctional in its uses globally. Different users have different needs and this determines how best it will be utilized to improve on its various benefits. Rhassoul Clay exhibits variety of benefits when used as a bathing soap. Scientific research indicated that this clay contains 58% of silica and 25% magnesium minerals that help in absorbing of excess oil and acting as a detoxifier. Rhassoul Clay is believed to form ions of its mineral elements when mixed with water. Scientific research proved these minerals ions to attract the positive ions of the toxins found just beneath the skin surface wiping them off. The results are open pores that ventilate the body.

Cambrian Blue Clay our source –Siberia

Cambrian Blue Clay has its own special beauty and healing properties inherent only to her, and contains all the necessary for our body mineral salts and trace elements in well digestible form (silica, iron oxide, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur dioxide, phosphates). Regular use of Cambrian Blue Clay baths, masks and wraps promote: strengthening the immune system. Improves the skin elasticity, delicately cleanse the skin of dead cells and external contamination, improves the appearance and texture of the skin (wrinkles). Helps getting rid of acne, accelerate the process of regeneration of skin cells and stimulate the metabolic processes in the body skin whitening (lightening freckles, age spots) decreases swelling, improves the skin condition Psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis, strengthen nails.

Australian Black Clay – our source - Australia

Australian Clay is loaded with rich mineral and other nutrients which help in getting back the charm of the skin. It contains minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium and copper. It is suits to almost all type of skins. It energizes, refreshes, removes toxins from the skin which makes the skin look softer and healthier.



Olive Oil

Olive Oil Soap benefits:

Why is Olive Oil soap good for you?

Olive Oil has been known to be good for you since 500 B.C.. We all know that Olive Oil reduces cholesterol when you consume it with foods. But did you know that consuming Olive Oil is also good for your skin? Olive Oil is a monounsaturated fatty acid that contains Linolenic, Alpha-Linolenic, and Oleic Acid. This helps the body manufacture Prostaglandins which moisten the skin and make it smoother and more firm. Olive Oil contains antioxidants which fight cell degeneration. Hydroxytyrosol is a very powerful antioxidant found only in Olive Oil. Here's how Olive Oil soap benefits your skin...

Olive Oil soap softens and smooths your skin and is great for dry and sensitive skin because Olive Oil is a fantastic emollient (an agent that softens or soothes the skin). Olive Oil is great for relieving the symptoms of skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. Olive Oil will not clog your pores because it is non-greasy making it great for people who suffer from Acne. Olive Oil contains Squalene and Squalane. Squalene is naturally produced by the sebum glands in the skin. The Squalene and Squalane work together to help prevent the skin's natural oils from oxidizing which could lead to cell deterioration. Hydroxytyrosol gives Olive Oil anti-inflammatory properties which research shows is good for healing skin abrasions, rashes and sunburn. The Hydroxytyrosol also has antimicrobial properties and it can only be found in Olive Oil. Olive Oil soap has been in use for many centuries and it used throughout the world. It is commonly used for cleansing the skin, making it firmer and smoother. Here is a look at various ways in which Olive Oil soap benefits the skin.

1. Effective skin moisturizer

Olive Oil soap provides a moisturizing effect that lasts for a long time whether used on the body or face. It helps to keep the skin supple and smooth. It is commonly used like a daily moisturizer by people with damp skin. Mixing some lemon juice with this Olive Oil soap provides a morerefreshing feeling.

2. Cleanses the skin

If you are troubled with scaly and dry skin, then you can mix both salt and Olive Oil soap and massage the affected areas to clean off the dead skin while enriching the healthy skin below it. Adding this particular soap to your bath is a lavish method of relaxing, soothing and cleaning the entire body.

3. Efficient make-up remover

Olive Oil soap removes make-up gently and efficiently without irritating the skin, particularly when removing makeup around the eyes. The greatest additional advantage of this soap is that if it is consistently used, it can soften and moisturize the skin surrounding the eyes while smoothing out wrinkles.

4. Nail care

 Washing your dry cuticles and nails with a solution of Olive Oil soap makes cuticles stay moist and plump with nails responding with an amazing shine.

5. Antioxidant effects

Olive Oil soap contains powerful antioxidant effects, including vitamins E and A. It repairs damage caused by free radicals on the skin. Regular use of this soap helps reverse and protect damage by wrinkles.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil, (Cocos Nucifera), from the fruit of the Coconut Palm, is a great moisturizer. When rubbed into the skin, the rich natural fats are easily absorbed and penetrate deeply to plump up your cells creating a smoother, softer, healthier and more youthful appearance This oil gives soap cleansing properties and makes a rich creamy lather with big, fluffy bubbles. In hair careit is used as a hair tonic to stimulate the scalp and encourage hair growth

Roasted Coffee Oil

This Roasted Coffee ESsential Oil has antioxidant properties. So, it can be used as an external solution to combat harmful effects of free radicals. A few studies have indicated that its antioxidants help enhance liver function and lower the risk of liver cirrhosis.

Coffee Essential Oil can help you fight depressing moments. You may use cotton balls soaked in this oil and keep them close to bed. The invigorating aroma will help lift your mood, and you will be able to get rid of depression. When you suffer from a blocked nose, using this essential oil can be helpful. It can help clear blocked nasal passages. You may feel nauseous for a number of reasons. Instead of using OTC medication to treat nausea, you may use the Roasted Coffee Essential Oil. You may have used many essential oils for the purpose of aromatherapy. But Coffee Essential Oil can be used as a means to deodorize rooms and invigorate the body. You may mix it with other oils for massaging purposes. Bug and insect stings can be quite painful. Instead of rushing for an OTC product to reduce the swelling and pain caused by such stings, you can resort to Coffee Essential Oil therapeutic effects on the body.



Shea Butter

Shea Butter is a solid fatty oil that is derived from the nuts of the Karite trees (also known as Mangifolia or Tree of Life), predominantly found in Africa (grows wild in the equatorial belt of central Africa between Gambia and Sudan where oil palms do not grow because of insufficient precipitation). The Karite Tree bears the fruits and the nuts inside the fruits contain Shea Butter. The nuts are then crushed, boiled, and manipulated in order to extract a light-colored fat, which is commonly referred to as Shea Butter. Pure Shea Butter resembles lumps of hard caramel ice cream. Being edible, Shea Butter is often used in food preparations. It has gained huge popularity in the western world due to its widespread use in several beauty products such as lotions, cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners and many more.

The main components of Shea Butter include Oleic Acid, Stearic Acid, Linoleic Acid, etc. It gets absorbed quickly into the skin as it melts at body temperature. Shea Butter may be refined or unrefined. Raw or unrefined Shea Butter is the purest form of Shea Butter, which is the most natural and the least processed. Since it is extracted manually, it is able to retain its vitamins, minerals and other natural properties. Refined Shea Butter, on the other hand, is the processed form of butter. Shea Butter exhibits several health benefits, particularly for the skin and the hair. It is used in a variety of cosmetics and medicinal formulas in combination with other botanical ingredients. 

Shea Butter benefits:

1. Healing Qualities:

Shea Butter is known for its healing properties that can be attributed to the presence of several fatty acids and plant sterols such as Oleic, Palmitic, Stearic and Linoleic acids. These oil-soluble components do not undergo saponification or convert into soap on coming in contact with alkali. Shea Butter is more non-saponifiable than other nut oils and fats, thus imparting it a great healing potential for the skin. Raw, unrefined Shea Butter is effective in curing skin rashes, skin peeling after tanning, scars, stretch marks, frost bites, burns, athletes foot, insect bites and stings, arthritis, and muscle fatigue.

2. Antioxidant Qualities:

Shea Butter contains plant antioxidants, such as vitamins A and E, as well as Catechins. The vitamins A and E protect the cells from free radicals and environmental damage. The Cinnamic Acid esters in the Shea fat help in preventing skin damage from ultraviolet radiation.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

Shea Butter has several derivatives of Cinnamic Acid that exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. Research has proved that in addition to its anti-inflammatory benefits, Lupeol Cinnamate found in Shea Butter prevents the development of tumors. Its anti-inflammatory properties render it beneficial for the improvement of skin conditions.

4. Sun Protection:

Shea Butter acts as a natural sunscreen by providing protection against the ultraviolet radiations of the sun, though the level of protection offered may be variable. Shea Butter is considered as the best skin care for winter and after-sun care as it provides the extra moisture, nutrients and protection needed by your skin during the cold season and summer.

5. Healing Agent:

Shea Butter has amazing healing properties. It is often used as a base in medicinal ointments due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It has been used since ages for the treatment of scars, eczema, blemishes, skin discolorations, chapped lips, stretch marks, dark spots, and in reducing the irritation caused by Psoriasis. Due to its high content of vitamin A, it is effective in promoting healing and disinfection, and soothes skin allergies like poison ivy and insect bites. Vitamin F acts as a rejuvenator for soothing and healing rough and chapped skin.

6. Anti-Ageing:

Shea Butter is considered as one of the best anti-aging and moisturizing agents for the skin. It stimulates the production of Collagen, the youthful scaffolding protein in the skin. The vitamins A and E found in this butter keep the skin supple, nourished, and radiant, and prevent premature wrinkles and facial lines. Shea Butter penetrates the skin easily, without clogging the pores, and is effective for dry skin.

7. Baby Care

Shea Butter is an excellent natural moisturizer that is devoid of chemicals. Thus, it is ideal for baby care as besides being gentle and soft on the skin, it is specially adapted for the delicate and sensitive skin of babies. It can be used for after bath application on the skin and also for healing eczema or diaper rash on the skin of babies.

8. Lip Care

Shea Butter is easily absorbable and provides extra moisture and nutrients that are needed during the cold season and dry weather. Thus, it acts as a perfect lip balm to protect your lips from cold and dry weather and is effective for treating dry and chapped lips.

9. Restores Skin Elasticity:

The non-saponifiable matter and vitamin F in this butter are vital ingredients for maintaining the skin’s elasticity. Thus, the application of Shea Butter restores the elasticity of the skin and helps maintain an even skin tone, besides hydrating, softening and beautifying it.

10. Soothes Dry And Irritated Scalp:

Shea Butter is effective in soothing a dry, itchy scalp or dandruff. It possesses anti-inflammatory qualities and gets absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy residue or clogging the pores. Being rich in vitamins A and E, it soothes dryness, repairs breakage and mends split ends. Hence, it is extremely effective in providing relief from a dry scalp, dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis.

11. Moisturizer:

The presence of vitamins A and E makes Shea Butter an excellent moisturizer to moisturize your hair from the roots to the tips. Thus, it can be used as a natural conditioner. It is highly effective in locking in moisture, without leaving the hair greasy or heavy. Shea Butter has wide usage in curly hair treatments due to its emollient qualities. A number of chemical treatments like straighteners, perms, curlers, etc. are responsible for stripping off the natural moisture from the hair. Shea Butter can help restore this lost moisture.

12. Hair Protection:

Shea Butter provides protection to the hair against the harmful free radicals in the air and water and harsh weather conditions. Moreover, Shea Butter has a low amount of SPF that is sufficient to protect the hair from sun damage caused due to the exposure to ultraviolet radiation and repairs the damage that has already been caused by the harsh weather and the sun. This is largely due to the fact that once absorbed, Shea Butter coats the hair shaft so that it is protected from a heat tool or any other damaging material being passed along the hair. This is particularly beneficial for processed or colored hair. It also protects the hair against salt and chlorine when applied before swimming.

13. Hair Softener:

Shea Butter is great for softening and revitalizing damaged and brittle hair. Due to its non-greasy nature, it helps to control and spread the excess oil in the scalp. Massaging the hair with generous amounts of Shea Butter can give soft and silky tresses. This benefit of Shea Butter is applicable for dry as well as fragile, curly hair. Shea Butter should be applied twice a week for hair growth, improving the hair texture and moisturizing the hair. The healing properties of Shea Butter can be attributed to the nutritional value of this fat. It contains UV-B absorbing Triterpene esters such as Cinnamic Acid and Tocopherols. In addition to these, Shea Butter also has a high percentage of Phytosterols, and Triterpenes.

Cocoa Butter

7 Wonderful Benefits of Cocoa Butter:

There are many great benefits of Cocoa Butter you might not know about. It can help moisturize your skin, manage your hair, and it’s an excellent source of antioxidants. Nowadays there’s a great variety of Cocoa Butter products, including oil, cream and lotions, and you can use it almost anywhere. Read on to discover some of the most wonderful benefits of Cocoa Butter.

1. Great antioxidant source:

Cocoa Butter is a great source of antioxidants, which help combat free radicals and help save your skin from the inevitable signs of aging and environmental stressors. You can use lotion, cream, or oil form, or even eat raw Cocoa Butter. Everything depends on your choice and preferences. Just be aware, Cocoa Butter is high in calories.

2. Makes your lips soft and plump:

If you are fond of kisses and you want to smooth chapped or rough lips, you should take care of them, using Cocoa Butter products to have really perfect pout. Sometimes windy or sunny weather can play a bad trick with our lips, making them dried-up. Use a high quality Cocoa Butter on a daily basis and your lips will always be super soft and kissable.

3. Restorative quality:

Are you still confused how to bring your skin back to life? As we know, our body cannot function well without Dopamine, Tryptophan, Zinc, Omegas 6 and 9. The tempo of life is very high that’s why our days are full of stresses, which have a negative impact on our skin. Cocoa Butter is the most suitable set of health-giving elements. Avoid junk food, sleep enough and use Cocoa Butter regularly and you’ll notice an improvement in no time.

4. Soothes sensitive skin:

Cocoa Butter is the best salvation for people who have sensitive skin. Cocoa Butter moisturizers are good at protecting skin from heat, healing such diseases as eczema and other problems. A Cocoa Butter cream will definitely help you keep your skin soft and supple.

5. Pleasant shaves:

Use Cocoa Butter while shaving and you will make the process smoother. It is possible to mix bar form of Cocoa Butter with shave lotions that’s absolutely up to your preference. Cocoa Butter provides smooth and less irritating shave, leaving your skin incredibly smooth.

6. Say bye-bye to scars:

Cocoa Butter has very effective healing properties. Its antioxidants battle scars, scratches and stretch marks. Just use it regularly and you will see how it accelerates the process of regeneration. If you have a scar from former acne issues, a cut, or similar discolored areas, don’t panic. Just use Cocoa Butter regularly and you will notice them looking much lighter or even disappearing.

7. Helpful for your hair:

Do you want to make your hair more manageable? Or, maybe you want to strengthen your damaged hair? Or, just add moisture to your dry hair? Cocoa Butter can really help you. If you have a healthy hair, you can still use Cocoa Butter to add some volume. I recommend you to use Cocoa Butter oil, though there are many products infused with this wonderful butter.

Cocoa Butter boasts numerous benefits. It has a set of regenerative qualities and provides you natural beauty. Moreover, it has a majestic scent of Cocoa. 

Food Grade Lye

Without Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) or Lye, soap ceases to exist.

Did you know there is ‘technical grade’ and ‘food grade’ lye?

The Differences:

Food grade, the higher grade, is used to process many foods like hominy, pretzels, and olives and even used in Chinese and Scandinavian cuisine.  Food grade has a lower parts per million of heavy metal impurities. In the U.S., food grade Lye must meet strict guidelines prescribed by the FDA.

Technical grade Sodium Hydroxide contains more impurities. It is used for commercial or industrial purposes and is not suitable for food. The drain opener you find at the hardware store is tech grade.

We only use food grade lye for our soaps.

Goat Milk

Goat Milk is one of natures finest moisturizers and skin softeners due to its high butterfat content. People who can not use regular soap find that our Goat Milk soaps are very mild and non-irritating to their skin. Rich in vitamins, Goat Milk also contains lactic acid, one of the most commonly used alpha Hydroxy acids in skin care. Alpha-Hydroxy acids penetrate the skin and have rejuvenating effects on skin's cells, neutralizing free radicals, slowing the aging process and improving the overall look and feel of the skin. In hair care, Goat Milk replenishes the moisture in every strand by penetrating the hair shaft. It nourishes the scalp, adding life, luster, and body to hair.

Almond Milk

Over the years, Almond Milk has been gaining popularity not only due to its distinct, nutty, refreshing flavor but also due to its many touted benefits. Derived from almonds, a nutrient-dense food, Almond Milk shares the same nutritional content. Almond Milk is an excellent source of manganese, magnesium, vitamin B2 and E, tryptophan, phosphorous and copper. The abundance of these essential nutrients and trace minerals in Almond Milk makes it an important part of a diet.

Almond Milk is a powerhouse due to its many health benefits. It reduces the risk of diabetes and several cardiovascular diseases. It also plays an important role in weight management and energy production. One of its many roles is in promoting healthier and younger looking skin.

Almond Milk benefits:

1 . Antioxidant:

Almond Milk is an excellent source of vitamin E, a known antioxidant. Antioxidants protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals alter cell genetic code, resulting to mutated proteins. When mutation happens, cancer may develop. Sun exposure and exposure to environmental and man-made pollutants are harmful to the skin; vitamin E acts as a shield by protecting the skin from these harsh elements. Daily skin application of vitamin E-enriched Almond Milk lotions and creams before sun exposure helps minimize skin damage. Vitamin E also has natural healing properties. Almond Milk can effectively treat sunburn and other minor burns.

2 . Anti-Aging:

Free radicals often cause irreversible damage to the skin; it contributes to Collagen and Elastin depletion. Collagen and Elastin are important substances that give the skin its elasticity and firmness. The Collagen and Elastin supply of the skin are depleted after prolonged exposure to free radicals. As you get older, your body is unable to replenish the depleted supply; this is the primary cause of wrinkles, fine lines and other skin blemishes.

Vitamin E, present in Almond Milk, protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals; this makes the skin healthy and younger-looking.

Almond Milk, in the form of topical solutions, is an excellent treatment for dry, flaky skin. Well-moisturized skin prevents premature aging.

3 . Hydration:

One of the common skin problems - that leads to other problems - is dry skin. Vitamin B2, also known as Riboflavin is found in abundance in Almond Milk. It helps the tissues of the skin, hair and nails to use Oxygen. Riboflavin also assists in synthesizing Tryptophan - an Amino acid - and producing Niacin in the process. Niacin, also referred to as vitamin B3, aids in circulation. The skin benefits greatly from proper circulation. Niacin also helps in hydrating the skin by trapping moisture in the cells.

4. Oil regulation:

Some common skin problems, such as acne, blackheads and whiteheads, are caused by dirt and oil trapped in the pores of the skin. Almond Milk contains essential fatty acids. They are importantin controlling the amount of oil secreted by the Sebaceous Glands. Almond Milk is commercially available as a beverage or as a component of several personal care products. Regardless of how it is consumed, Almond Milk is beneficial in so many ways.

Almond extract

Almond Extract (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis) is used in a wide variety of cooking recipes. Usually used in sweet dishes or desserts, Almond Extract has a very strong flavor and is therefore generally used in moderation. Almond Extract is made by combining the natural oils of either bitter or sweet almonds and Ethyl Alcohol.

Almond Types:

Almond extract is made from the nuts of either bitter or sweet almond trees. Bitter Almond trees have pink flowers while sweet almond trees have white flowers. Sweet Almond Extract is more expensive and takes longer to produce than Bitter Almond Extract. Sweet Almond Extract is generally used in ice creams and desserts, while Bitter Almond Extract can be used in cookies, muffins, cakes, pies, French toast and other baked goods.


Almond Extract is produced by cold pressing almonds to collect the oil. Cold pressing the almonds preserves most of the nutrients. The end result is a yellowish oil that is combined with alcohol. The flavor of the alcohol and almond oil blend together and are allowed to sit until the almond flavor is more distinct.


Almond extract is full of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Almonds contain good fats and a lot of fiber, and are low in carbohydrates. Not only is Almond Extract healthy for you, but it is also beneficial to your skin. Almond Extract is used in cosmetics because it can seal in moisture, strengthening hair and skin. Almonds have also been used as an alternative medicine with aromatherapy.

Activated Charcoal

It is used in acne products to draw out impurities, heal pimples, and prevent further breakouts. Also an anti-aging ingredient, Activated Charcoal is said to tighten pores and smooth the skin. It also reduces inflammation, which is significant in preventing premature aging. Activated Charcoal, which is carbon that's been treated to increase its absorbency, isn't new. It's been used in hospital emergency rooms for years to treat alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses. It works by attaching to toxins in the stomach and absorbing them before the bloodstream can. The theory behind including Activated Charcoal in beauty products is similar: It'll act like a magnet to attract and absorb dirt and oil. And the experts say that theory holds water. "When dirt and oil in your pores come in contact with the carbon, they stick to it and then get washed away when you rinse.

Cocoa Powder

Chocolate and Cocoa Powder add color, aroma, and skin soothing and softening properties. Chocolate contains antioxidants, which inhibit the free radicals that otherwise break down normal cell reproduction. Many people use green tea-based cosmetic products, for their antioxidant qualities, but dark chocolate has four times as many antioxidants as Green Tea. It also contains well known cellulite fighter - natural Caffeine! Caffeine helps temporarily plump and smooth the skin. Bathing in chocolate is almost as much fun as eating it. Chocolate has been associated with romance since the age of the Aztecs. Our chocolate and cocoa are Fair Trade and supports small farmer co-ops that use sustainable farming methods.


Organic ingredients

Cold process



No soy

Paraben Free

Cruelty free

Vegan or Goat Milk

NO artificial fragrance, scented with organic Essential Oils

Biodegradable and eco friendly

Made with TLC , one-of-a-kind or in very small batches, in LA, CA.

Suggested use for our our products: face/body/hands. For all skin types.